Stemming the Support Surge During Rapid Transitions:

Using ScreenSteps to Help Employees and Students Transition to a Remote Workforce

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As businesses are forced to a remote workforce and schools have to transition to online learning, a level of uncertainty forms from employees and students. There's a spike in support requests, along with a new sense of confusion and frustration during this change.

To combat the uncertainty and alleviate frustration, it's crucial to respond to questions quickly and clearly, and to be able to iterate quickly as you adapt to unforeseen support needs. Our upcoming webinar will help you learn how to accomplish just that with ScreenSteps. 

During this webinar, you'll learn 5 things:

  • The importance of not waiting for things to stabilize before you create and distribute training material. 
  • How to focus your training and support on "Jobs to be done" instead of software applications.
  • How to daily iterate on your training and support materials as needs change and new challenges are discovered.
  • How to focus on "Critical Paths" to short term successful experiences as you develop your training approach, to ensure people feel hopeful about the transition instead of overwhelmed.
  • How to adopt a "No memorization required" approach to training so that your support team doesn't get inundated with requests.

By the end of this webinar, you'll be able to set up a fully functional ScreenSteps site and start deflecting support requests in 1 to 3 hours instead of several days.


As mentioned in a recent CFO Article on supporting a digital workforce, ScreenSteps can help you:

  • Improve your self service resources to prevent issues from reaching support, so employees and students can answer questions themselves
  • Create workflow articles to mimic the troubleshooting process

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Watch The Webinar