Scenario-Based Training and Support

Can it Cut Your Training Time by 75%? 

Learn How a Scenario-Based Training and Support Model Can Cut Your Training Time by 75%

All the training in the world can't equate to hands-on, scenario-based, experience. In this approach, trainees no longer need to memorize anything. Rather, they learn how to use those assets to perform a task so that when
they begin work, they are comfortable doing their jobs while using
reference materials for any necessary support. 

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Scenario-based training is segmented into two fundamental aspects: training and support. The training consists of real-life work-scenarios. These real-life scenarios are much more effective when it comes to information retention for new employees. The support comes in the form of job aids, checklists, or guides that help attendees respond to the training scenarios. This alleviates the memorization aspect that's all too common in new employee onboarding.

This eBook will help you:

  • Reduce training time from 15 days to 10
  • Shorten post-training follow up time from six weeks to one
  • Improve trainee morale due to streamlined procedure and lack of mandatory memorization
  • Entirely eliminate up-training
  • Decrease support requests
  • Reduce average contact call center time by 32%

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