Why Aren't Reps Using Your Guides?

Download this Self-Assessment and get clarity on why your call center reps are asking supervisors for help instead of using your guides, procedures, and protocols. 


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What is the Self-Assessment?

The self-assessment is a Google Sheet that will help you:

  • Identify the questions reps are asking supervisors/managers
  • Determine which guides answer those questions
  • Evaluate whether those guides are complete, easy to find, easy to use

Once you have completed your self assessment, you'll know what your next steps need to be and you can begin planning.

How will this self-assessment help?

A lot of supervisors and managers are overwhelmed by questions that reps ask them throughout the day. Other priorities often take the back burner because there's just not enough time in the day to support their reps and do everything else.

This self-assessment helps you identify specific ways that you can cut down on the questions being asked by reps to your supervisors. 

Download the self-assessment

Once you fill out the form, you'll see a link. Click the link to view a Google Sheet. If you have a gmail account, then you can "Make a Copy" of the Google Sheet and save it on your drive. 

If you don't have a gmail account, you can download the sheet as an Excel file

Download Self-Assessment

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“Using ScreenSteps and the Zero-Memorization Training approach, we were able to decrease our employee's time to proficiency from 60 days down to 6 days

- Stephanie Beal, Contact Center Trainer