The Knowledge Champion

A newsletter by Greg DeVore, CEO & Founder of ScreenSteps


Every organization needs a knowledge champion.

Someone who will rise up and challenge the status quo of reliance on tribal knowledge or documentation that no one ever uses.

Someone who is committed to creating an environment where employees and customers can find & follow the information they need, without having to ask a supervisor or the help desk for assistance.

Someone who is determined to enable employees and customers to accomplish great things without having to become experts first.

In this newsletter, I'll share monthly thoughts, insights, examples, and best practices to implement and sustain knowledge operations to transform the way we work.

Topics covered in this newsletter


Knowledge operations

training and launch

Knowledge management


Building a Find & Follow Organization


Employee training & performance

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About Greg DeVore

Greg is ScreenSteps’s leading maestro (and the CEO). After working professionally in the film music industry, he swapped music notes and scales to build a new masterpiece. In 2003, he co-founded Blue Mango Learning Systems with his brother, Trevor. Together they researched the training process in the ultrasound industry, which laid the groundwork for what would eventually become ScreenSteps.

Greg loves working with the ScreenSteps team and customers to create Find & Follow Organizations with repeatable training systems that develop knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees in as little time as possible.

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