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Answer 10 questions to see how well you're doing at employee training (and whether there's room for improvement using the Zero-Memorization Training Method).


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How does your training measure up?

Download the free self-assessment to see whether you could improve your employee training experience (and metrics) by implementing the Zero-Memorization Training approach.

The self-assessment is an Excel spreadsheet that asks you 10 questions. Based on your answers, you'll get a score along with a recommendation.

If your score is high, then keep on doing what you're doing! You're already seeing great results from your employee training program, so there's no need to change something that's working for you.

If, however, your score is low, then the good news is that you can fix it by implementing the principles from the Zero-Memorization Training approach.

Is the self-assessment rigged?

This is not one of those quizzes that ends up giving you the same answer no matter what you put down. In fact, you can even look at how we score the assessment by checking out the spreadsheet.

How is it scored?

The self-assessment includes 10 questions that ask things like:

  • How long do new-hires spend in classroom training?
  • How long do employees shadow coworkers after classroom training?
  • How long until new-hires are proficient at doing their job (without asking you for help)?

The purpose is to get a sense of how long it takes new employees to be independently doing their work at a high level of proficiency.

If your answers indicate that your new-hires are taking a long time to get to a high level of proficiency, then you'll score lower. If you're getting new-hires to meet or exceed expectations in a week or two (without them constantly asking for help), then you'll score higher.

Doesn't employee training just take a long time?

It often does take a long time for employees to be proficient – but it doesn't have to. Our experience has shown that if you implement the Zero-Memorization Training system, using the ScreenSteps technology and our methodology, then you can dramatically decrease the time it takes to train employees on operational tasks.

Download the Self-Assessment

If you're reading all the way down here, then you really want to learn as much as you can! So download the free self-assessment and then schedule a free consultation with the ScreenSteps team to talk about your employee training needs and how we can help.

Download the Free Self-Assessment

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“Using ScreenSteps and the Zero-Memorization Training approach, we were able to decrease our employee's time to proficiency from 60 days down to 6 days

- Stephanie Beal, Contact Center Trainer