Checklist for Building Employee Training Resources

Before you schedule your training session, make sure you've completed this checklst.

Five Things to do before your next training 

Next time you need to train employees, make sure you've completed these five things:

  1. Make a list of the real jobs employees need to do
  2. Ask yourself, "What questions would I have?"
  3. Create articles that answer those questions
  4. Format the articles for speed (and scannability)
  5. Create scenarios so employees can practice using your articles 

Download the checklist and hand it out to your team so you can all be on the same page as you prepare for your next training session.


Our workflow articles have dramatically improved employee onboard training. During our classroom training, we just go through scenarios and have call agents practice finding and using ScreenSteps articles. When they hit the floor, they can handle any call.

Download the One-page Reference