Learn how to write better documentation for your B2B software product

B2B Software Course Delivered Via Email

If you are supporting a B2B software application, your documentation needs are different than someone who is creating a consumer facing application or a mobile app.

In this email course we will teach you how to create B2B documentation that drives business results such as increasing user adoption, decreasing customer support requests, and making your support team more productive.

We will teach you things like:

  • How to assess the motivation of your audience and document accordingly
  • When to use video vs. text/images
  • The different types of documentation you need to create (roadblock removers vs. road maps)

The course will be delivered via a series of emails over a two week period.

I’ve been writing help documentation for 9 years, and really didn’t think an email course could give me anything new. After going through this course, I learned 3 new ways to make my Help documentation more effective for our users, and to save my company money in time not spent troubleshooting.
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