Document Complex Procedures With Workflow Articles

“The Workflow Article Has Enabled Everyone Else To Solve The Tasks That, Previously, Only I Could Solve." Henrik Abildgaard, IT Support

Workflow Article Explainer


Workflow Articles Are Here!

The ScreenSteps team is proud to announce that Workflow Articles are finally available to all customers on the Growing Business Plan, Medium Business Plan, Enterprise Plan, or Employee Training Plan! Just fill out the form to request access, and our team will get you set up!

What can Workflow Articles do?

Workflow Articles incorporate decision trees so that you create a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type of article that guides end-users through complex scenarios and procedures.

Use Workflow Articles to:

  • Decrease back-and-forth emails related to performing procedures
  • Increase support's first-contact resolution metric
  • Improve contact center metrics such as handle time, hold time, and satisfaction ratings
  • Decrease mistakes made by employees and customers
  • Enable others to solve tasks that, previously, only you could solve

With Workflow Articles, you have a powerful tool that will completely transform how you train and support end-users.

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To use Workflow Articles, fill out the form and somebody from the ScreenSteps team will contact you with further details.

We want to work closely with you as you begin using Workflow Articles so that you can start seeing business results right away. Whether you need to decrease mistakes, stop the unnecessary back-and-forth emails, or improve your customer support metrics, we're confident that the Workflow Article can help.

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Workflow Articles will completely change how your end-users experience your documentation. You'll be able to anticipate points of confusion and mitigate follow-up questions by incorporating questions, actions, and step-by-step instructions. Request access now!