EBook: 5 Steps For Streamlining Your Team's Documentation Process

Take your knowledge base from "empty" to "full" by applying these 5 steps

Getting your team to write and publish documentation is a huge headache if you aren't organized. Screenshots are inconsistent, font is whatever the author's preference happens to be that day, and docs are strewn all over SharePoint, Google docs, and shared drives.

You need a plan

This short ebook will discuss these 5 steps for streamlining the authoring process so you and your team can write better, more effective documentation in less time.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to write your article titles (1 simple trick will get rid of writer's block)
  • Agreeing on the same tools (so your docs are consistent)
  • Simplify publishing
  • Use your docs immediately (the feedback will motivate you and help you improve)
  • Establish a style guide (remove the decisions your team needs to make)

Download the EBook

Once we decided on a style guide, and had all of those decisions made up front, my team was able to knock out all of our procedure documentation in four weeks..

-Stephanie Beal | Training Manager, Contact Center